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Kingdom Hearts Drabbles

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Drabble Community
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Welcome to Memor_Vita!

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Anyone is welcome to join. We only ask two things:
1. Please make a post introducing yourself to the community.
2. If you join, please make a commitment to post at least a few times a month in this community. We don't want to leave anyone behind!

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1. The drabbles should be between 100-500 words. They should consist of characters from Kingdom Hearts but the occasional Final Fantasy character drabble is fine. Please put all drabbles behind an LJ cut. When we have enough people to start doing drabble challenges, we ask that the format be in:

Word Count:

Challenges will be issued by the winner of the last drabble challenge. That winner will also set a deadline and choose the next winning drabble. If the winner does not choose a successor within a week following the deadline, the mods will randomly select someone else to take their place. If the chosen winner does not give a challenge within a week, the mods will randomly select someone else to take their place. Feel free to post drabbles that have nothing to do with the challenges. Post when the mood strikes you.

2. We don't discriminate against Yaoi, Yuri, or Lemon but we ask that you use good judgement and post it behind a cut with fair warning for our more sensitive members. On Memor Vita, you're free to post whatever you feel and however you feel without fear of repercussion.

3. Take up issues on your own journals or contact one of our Mods about it. Please don't create drama here as we'd like to maintain a very friendly, easy-going atmosphere.

4. Every member is here at their own risk. We will not take responsibility for any spoilers nor will we issue punishment for spoilers.
You are here at your own personal risk.

5. If you are easily offended, this community is probably not for you. Our goal is to stay open-minded and fair for every single member.

6. Funny how this rule always comes last isn't it? Most important of all, we want you to have fun! We want you to enjoy the community to the fullest extent.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or comments, please contact the mods.

Name: Mel
Aim: Trolleywood x x
Email: Trolleywoodxx@aol.com
Personal Journal: __chinawhite

Name: Ann
Aim: Annjirika
MSN: Annirika@hotmail.com
Email: annjirika16@yahoo.com
Personal Journal: Annjirika

Name: Bert
Personal Journal: Keysora

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