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Fire and Ice

This just popped into my head this morning, kinda inspired by Ann's Sora/Pot Spider drabble. And, I just thought I would be the first to have a go at this. ^_^

Title: Fire and Ice
Word Count: 198
Rating/Warning: G and... uh... heartless pairing?
Summary: Two young lovers try to overcome the odds preventing them from being together.

It was a love doomed from the start. They should have known it could never be. Their kind had always been segregated for a reason. But, with the coming of the Keyblade Master, the two races had joined forces.

Many of their family and friends told them it would never work out, that there was a reason they had been segregated. The two lovebirds ignored them, believing in their hearts that love would always find a way.

So, in the dark of the night, they planned to fly away together, to a place where they could be together in love forever. And, when they met that night, for the very first time, the Red Nocturne rubbed against his love, the Blue Rhapsody in what was a kiss for their kind.

The ensuing disaster had been predicted by others of their kind. And, it was with great remorse that the Red Nocturne watched his bride-to-be melt with his touch while he, himself, found his flames slowly extinguished.

It was hours later before the other Nocturnes and Rhapsodies found what remained of their bodies, the tell-tale blue puddle and the flameless, lifeless hourglass shape of a once proud Red Nocturne.
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