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Heh, I figured I might as well contribute to the community I helped create. XP This drabble kinda sucks, but ya know.

Title: Morningstar
Word Count: 300
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Just a bit of Riku reflecting on Kairi and Sora, before KH.

Wouldn’t it be just so simple if he never existed? If he was never here, never had anything to do with me, with you…with us. You’d never have to make any decisions, never have to have a battle with your heart to figure out what’s right. The answer would be right in front of you, me. I would be your only answer.

But he loves you, and it’s obvious to see that. He loves you, perhaps, like I never could. We will never know; you never let me. He’s always looked at you with his head tilted sideways, little sparkles in his eyes, like, that girl is beautiful. It’s funny for him to think that, since he knew I thought it too. And sometimes it would make us fight, us being friends and all, being ripped apart at the seams because of a pretty girl that had no idea what she was doing.

He never wins, you and I both know that. He’s bad a sports, he’s bad at fighting, and the quest for a girl’s attention has always been simple for me to acquire and literally impossible for him. He’s too short, too clumsy, always says the wrong things at the wrong time. And me, it’s obvious that I don’t do well with losing. I’m strong and fast, I’ve got a good arm for sports and fighting, I’ve got prettier skin, better hair, and longer legs.

But is that what you’ve been looking at? It seems like you don’t even understand what we’re fighting about, all these evenings, wrestling in the sand. I thought it would be obvious. I keep telling myself, just tell her how you feel, what’s she going to do, deny you for Sora?

Maybe that’s my one fear. That maybe, just this once, he wins.

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