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Sooo, this was part of a one-shot I kinda started but never finished, so I took a part I thought I could drabble and drabblefided it! Hope ya like.

Title: So Much Lost
Word Count: 484

Rating/Warning: Guh...PG? Sadness. Martyr Riku.  No Pairing. (*gasp* I know.)
Summary: Sora learns that some things really are too late, and Riku watches through a barrier that he wishes he could but knows he cannot break.

Sora never thought he would feel like this. Paralyzed with dread, a fear that trickled into his stomach and kept him from moving. All he could do was stare at the boy standing across from him, wishing he would smile that wicked smile of his and tell him it had all been a lie. But it wouldn’t happen; Sora knew it wouldn’t. He didn’t know wether to be angry, yell and turn his back forever. Or to give into that cold despair, let the tears flow and attach himself to the cause of his grief like he had when they’d been young. He was almost certain, by the other’s stance, that he was expected to do the former.

"You’re kidding." He said, voice wavering with slight laughter. "Funny, Riku."

"I’m not kidding." Riku replied, green eyes Sora longed to see uncovered hidden behind a thin strap of black material. "I...don’t want to see you."

"W-why?" Sora whispered.

"You’ve got your new friends." Riku stated dully, turning his back on his former best friend and taking a few steps towards the door of the castle, a place he’d learned to call home, a place where Sora should never be allowed. "And I’ve got mine. It’s not an uncommon tale, Sora. Friends drift apart all the time."

"You think this is high school?" Sora griped, his voice unusually bitter as blue eyes glared through the cloak that covered Riku’s back. "I thought . . . I thought I meant more to you than that!"

Riku paused, turning his covered face over his shoulder. "You thought wrong."

He refused to turn around as he bustled his way up the stone steps towards the castle. Refused to see Sora’s tear filled eyes and pleading expression that he’d never been able to refuse. He wasn’t even sure if Sora had left already when he pushed the doors to the castle shut behind him. In fact, it wasn’t until he had reached the seclusion of his bedroom that he allowed his resolve to break. His leather shoes scraped against the wooden floor as he rushed across it, clutching at the window sill as he peered out of the small frame, willing Sora to look up and see him. The need for Sora to know that their friendship meant everything, that his recent words had been only a necessary act for his protection, was burning him.

Although he now knew that Sora had left, he could still picture his friend standing there, shoulders sagging and face sad as he stared at the spot Riku had just been. There was that burning again, right along the edges of his eyes. It was a feeling he recognized but couldn’t much had been lost to him in Kingdom Hearts. And so he turned away from the window, went to his bed and lay down, wondering if he would ever see his friend again and hoping, praying, for Sora's sake, that he wouldn't.

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